Sunday, 22 February 2009

The Fielding Family Home

Finding a home to accommodate their suddenly increased family wasn't easy for Mr & Mrs Fielding.  Their small home in Riverblossom Hills obviously wasn't suitable so they looked around and found a new house in Clearwater Bay.

Knowing that she needed to get a job as soon as possible to help with the family income Patricia searched the computer.  She was lucky to find exactly what she wanted in the Entertainment career as she wanted to be a Prestidigitator and she was soon promoted to Birthday Party Mascot.  Patricia hoped that her Knowledgable personality and that she liked black hair and glasses (but not the unemployed) would help in her chosen career.

As Stanley wanted 5 Top Level Businesses he wasted no time in purchasing a small lot in Clearwater Bay which he called Craft Work.  He couldn't afford much after buying the new home so his business was very modest but he hoped to improve it as soon as he could.  Having a Popular personality and liking grey hair and glasses (but not the "unwashed") Stanley hoped he'd get plenty of customers. Ethel joined her husband to help him in the business.  As she hoped to have 50 1st Dates it seemed a good way to meet people.  Being a creature of Pleasure Ethel found it difficult to work but she enjoyed meeting the customers, especially those with grey hair and glasses but just hoped they didn't wear perfume!

Wanting to help to contribute to the family income - and also because they both wanted to be Professional Party Guests - the twins managed to find jobs in the Slacker career.  Even though they are different personalities they have many interests the same.  Matthew, on the right, is Romantic and Brendan loves Pleasure but they both like girls who wear make-up - only Matthew prefers redheads and Brendan prefers blondes.  Matthew dislikes Robots and Brendan dislikes face paint.

Stanley's business continued to grow.  As his hobby was Arts & Crafts he had decided that Craft Work would sell items he and Ethel made.  Stanley concentrated on pot holders whilst Ethel made plates.  He managed to get his bronze level in sewing so could add teddy bears and curtains to his reportoire.  Ethel continued to make plates and take care of the rest of the business whilst Stanley sewed.  Whilst she did meet plenty of people Ethel so busy actually helping to run the business she didn't have much time to get to know anyone sufficiently well to try and date them. Of course, she was keeping that idea private from Stanley!

At home, when the TV broke, Patricia decided to try and fix it - with predictable results. Although she had an interest in tinkering it wasn't enough to successfully repair the TV and then disaster struck!

The television caught on fire!  Even though she'd been electrocuted Patrica grabbed the fire extinguisher - as did Matthew - and the fire was soon out.  Luckily for everyone the fire didn't spread. Back at the business it continued to grow slowly.  Both Stanley and Ethel obtained a badge. Stanley got his silver badge and Ethel her bronze which meant they could add even more items for sale in the business.Suddenly, it was time for the triplet's birthdays.  Patricia couldn't believe her children were really turning into teens but it was Olivia's turn first.  She has a Romantic personality and wants to the Head of the SCIA.  She likes swimwear and Sims with custom hair but dislikes mechanically minded people.

Then it was Lorna's turn.  This teenager was following in her grandmother and older brother's footsteps by being a Pleasure Sim.  Contrary to her sister Lorna likes those who are mechincally minded and also those who are athletic but doesn't like formal wear.  Like the twins she wants to be a Professional Party Guest.

Finally it was Doug's turn.  Doug takes after his mother in that he has a love of Knowledge.  He likes fit people who are also logical but doesn't like hats.  He wants to be a Space Pirate. Although she was pleased to see the triplets grow up Ethel couldn't wait to get to the cake!

Monday, 16 February 2009

Settling in with the Dempseys

Virginia and Christine found a very nice house for the family.  Large enough for all of them though the children would have to share - a room for the boys and one for the girls.  With their husbands away so much the women knew they'd have to supplement their income so both found suitable employment.

Virginia always wanted to be a Professional Party Guest as it appealed to her Romantic nature. She hoped to make friends with people like her husband - brown haired with facial hair (though not the women, of course.  As long as they didn't wear perfume of any kind as she was allergic to it she didn't really mind.  She received her first promotion fairly quickly and soon settled into the job.  Christine, on the other hand just wanted to be Popular and to be Best Friends with all of the neighbours (20 sounded a good round number) especially any blondes, wearing glasses but she wasn't too keen on any of those strange plantsims she'd heard about.  However, she knew she needed to get a job so went to work for a law firm in nearby Pleasantview where she also received a promotion.

Zara and William both decided to help out the family funds, though Zara had more ulterior motives.  She wanted to date as many people as she could, probably about 50, and they all had to be just dreamy and thought that her Pleasurable nature would stand her in good stead - especially any fit blondes (but fat people beware). So she got a job in journalism working at the Clearwater Post, thinking that she stood more chance of meeting people that way and she soon received a promotion.  William felt, with his Knowledge skills he could be a top Game Designer so found a job in that field and if he met any red-heads with a love of jewellery that wouldn't hurt.  He was a bit scared of meeting any zombies, though. However, on his first day of work a senior colleague challenged him to a game and William, still trying to find his feet, declined. Unfortunately, the boss overheard and wasn't impressed so William lost his job.

One day the women arrived home from work to find a mysterious lamp on the front lawn.  They took turns to rub it and a genie appeared.  He told them they had three wishes that they could make.  Virginia and Christine thought for moment then said they wanted peace of mind.  With a wave of his hand the genie granted their wishes. As they had one wish left Virginia wished for some money as, even though there were four incomes coming in, there were still seven mouths to feed.  Again the genie granted the wish then he vanished back into his lamp and it disappeared.

It wasn't long after this that Virginia received two more promotions.  Firstly to Gas Station Attendant, where she was always having to work late and then to Convenience Store Clerk - where she was back working daylight hours.  Virginia was really pleased that her career was going well, though she was slightly concerned that her sister-in-law's job didn't seem to be going as well as her own.  Christine appeared to prefer to spend her time chatting on the phone to all number of people but Virginia didn't really begrudge her her friendships.

William managed to find another job in the gaming career and this time it went a little better. He received a promotion on the same day that Zara received one.  William became a Button Masher and Zara was promoted to Internet Movie Critic.  Her boss told her, however, that she wouldn't qualify for any more promotions as she didn't have a degree.  He suggested that she apply to go to Sim State University where he was sure she'd do well.  So confident was he that he promised to keep a position open for her for when she returned.  In the meantime she could continue to work at her current job level.

Life continued as normal for the Dempsey family until one night they were woken by the burglar alarm sounding.  Luckily it was linked to the local police station who were soon on the scene.  After a brief scuffle the policeman took the man into custody and took him off to jail.  It was very upsetting for the family but they were just glad they'd installed a state of the art security system.

True to her word Zara began dating and first there was Clay Taylor. They went to a place Downtown called Red's Famous 50's Diner where they had something to eat. Zara got to know Clay and they flirted a little and she had her first kiss with him but she was mindful of her mother's warnings about getting too involved at too young an age. Still, they both enjoyed the Dream Date..

Next there was Ethan Danaher. They also went Downtown but to Sim Bowl Lanes. She and Ethan played bowls for a while, and flirted for a little then they had something to eat. Whilst she was on her dates Zara kept her eyes open and managed to meet a couple more boys whom she hoped she'd be dating sometime soon. 

Then it was time for the children to become teenagers. As it was late they decided to forego a party but all the family came to watch Ian's transition to a teenager. He'll be Popular with his peers and Hats and Cleanliness but doesn't like Plantsims. His ambition is to become a Celebrity Chef and Virginia said he'd have to work hard but she was sure he would succeed.

Next it was Felicity's turn.  With the family still watching she transitioned into a teenager who was definitely going to be a Family girl.  Felicity likes Brown Hair and Formal Wear but doesn't like Glasses.  Her brother joked that she'd better hope she keeps her good eyesight then.  Being Family oriented Felicity hopes to have at least Three Children who will all be successful College Graduates.

Last but not least the family watched Amanda transition into a teenager.  Amanda likes Fit, Mechanically minded people but isn't keen on those who don't have a job.  Like her cousin, Zara, Amanda has a Romantic nature but she's keeping to herself the fact that she can't wait to start Woohooing and thinks that 20 will do.

Saturday, 14 February 2009


Welcome to Clearwater Bay.  Five families recently moved to this small township and hope to make a prosperous life here.

Meet the Dempsey family.  Virginia and Christine are sisters-in-law who decided to leave the bright lights of Sim City for the (they hoped) quieter township of Clearwater Bay.  Bill and Ray Dempsey's work for their growing business takes them all over the world as they strive to carve out their own niche in the business world.  Consequently, the women are frequently on their own which is why they decided to pool their resources and buy a house to accommodate them all.

The second of the familes to move to Clearwater Bay is the Fielding family.  When Patricia's marriage finally broke down and her husband cleared out their joint bank account she had no option but to move back in with her parents, taking her 5 children with her.  Unfortunately, the family home was no longer big enough for so many people so, by selling their home and cashing in some policies they'd been saving for a rainy day Mr and Mrs Fielding bought a house in the Bay which would be large enough for all of them.

The plane crash which deprived Quentin of his beloved wife, Nellie also took the lives of his son and daughter-in-law leaving him to bring up their three children on his own.   Moving to a smaller house in Clearwater Bay seemed a good idea but time will tell if it's the right move.  As a teenager Rowena does her best to help her grandpa but would, one day, like to go to University. She just hopes that, when the time comes, she'll be able to afford to go.

Georgina Jenkins did not have a particularly happy childhood.   She has no idea who her father is and her mother abandoned her when she was little, therefore she was placed into care when she was only 7.  The foster family chosen for her treated her like a slace so as soon as she could she ran away, living on the streets and taking care of herself as best she could.  Luckily, before she could get into any real trouble she was rescued by the Sisters of Lost Souls who, though kindly meant, didn't really understand what it was to be a teenage girl.  Now, at 18, Georgina is striking out on her own by moving to a tiny house in Clearwater Bay.

Last but not least is the Rossiter family.  Harvey was left in a state of shock when his wife of seven years ran away with a younger man leaving him to look after the twins, Jack and Kelly. Knowing that he couldn't cope on his own Harvey persauded his widowed father to purchase a house with him in the township of Clearwater Bay.  Harvey knows he can give his children great love and affection and hopes their mother leaving has no adverse affect on the twins.