Saturday, 14 February 2009


Welcome to Clearwater Bay.  Five families recently moved to this small township and hope to make a prosperous life here.

Meet the Dempsey family.  Virginia and Christine are sisters-in-law who decided to leave the bright lights of Sim City for the (they hoped) quieter township of Clearwater Bay.  Bill and Ray Dempsey's work for their growing business takes them all over the world as they strive to carve out their own niche in the business world.  Consequently, the women are frequently on their own which is why they decided to pool their resources and buy a house to accommodate them all.

The second of the familes to move to Clearwater Bay is the Fielding family.  When Patricia's marriage finally broke down and her husband cleared out their joint bank account she had no option but to move back in with her parents, taking her 5 children with her.  Unfortunately, the family home was no longer big enough for so many people so, by selling their home and cashing in some policies they'd been saving for a rainy day Mr and Mrs Fielding bought a house in the Bay which would be large enough for all of them.

The plane crash which deprived Quentin of his beloved wife, Nellie also took the lives of his son and daughter-in-law leaving him to bring up their three children on his own.   Moving to a smaller house in Clearwater Bay seemed a good idea but time will tell if it's the right move.  As a teenager Rowena does her best to help her grandpa but would, one day, like to go to University. She just hopes that, when the time comes, she'll be able to afford to go.

Georgina Jenkins did not have a particularly happy childhood.   She has no idea who her father is and her mother abandoned her when she was little, therefore she was placed into care when she was only 7.  The foster family chosen for her treated her like a slace so as soon as she could she ran away, living on the streets and taking care of herself as best she could.  Luckily, before she could get into any real trouble she was rescued by the Sisters of Lost Souls who, though kindly meant, didn't really understand what it was to be a teenage girl.  Now, at 18, Georgina is striking out on her own by moving to a tiny house in Clearwater Bay.

Last but not least is the Rossiter family.  Harvey was left in a state of shock when his wife of seven years ran away with a younger man leaving him to look after the twins, Jack and Kelly. Knowing that he couldn't cope on his own Harvey persauded his widowed father to purchase a house with him in the township of Clearwater Bay.  Harvey knows he can give his children great love and affection and hopes their mother leaving has no adverse affect on the twins.


  1. This looks like a great set-up. Welcome to the Prosperity Challenge.


  2. These families look like they're going to be a lot fun! Great job!

  3. Wow, you have your work cut out for you with five families, some quite large. Your back stories are engaging!

  4. Looks like you're off to a good start with this. Good luck, and I'll look forward to reading more about them.

  5. Hey, great backstories for your families!