Tuesday, 3 March 2009

New Home for the Naylors

After the tragedy Quentin found it difficult to go on but knew he had to for the sake of the children.  Unable to stay in his old home because of all the memories associated with it Quentin found a new home for himself and the three children in Clearwater Bay.

Being a Knowledge Sim who wanted to Max 7 Skills Quentin wasn't bothered what type of job he found - as long as he found one because he knew he needed some money coming in.  He found one in the Politics career and decided to take that.

Rowena and Xander quickly settled into their new schools and made some friends.  Rowena brought home Olivia Fielding (left) and Amanda Dempsey (right).

Whilst Xander brought home Emily Hamilton and Lee Guevara.

Quentin was also making friends.  When Willow strolled past the house one morning he dashed out to meet her as he'd always been partial to black-haired beauties.  He preferred them in their underwear but didn't think he ought to mention that straight away.  At least she wasn't wearing any perfume which he disliked.

The family had become very close since the tragedy and looked after one another.   Quentin taught his grandson potty training and Rowena taught her little brother how to walk.

Rowena was doing very well at school and came home with an A+.  As she was a Fortune Sim who wanted to be a City Planner she realised that she would need a good education.  She also hoped one day to meet the man of her dreams - a red-headed, bearded man - but she wasn't in any rush.  As long as he wasn't a witch she didn't mind.

Xander was also doing well and got an A+ report card on the same day as big sister, Rowena.

Soon it was time for Tommy's birthday.  He grew up still wearing his pyjamas with Rowena and Xander watching.

Then it was Xander's turn.  He grew into teen with Rowena and Xander watching.  He has a Romantic nature and wants to WooHoo 20 sims, especially those with brown hair and wearing cologne but he hopes they aren't fat.


  1. Nice update! Glad the kids are settling nicely to their new home.

  2. "he preferred them in underwear but didn't think he should mention that straightaway." Ha ha ha that is so funny!